Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy October

Ashlyn and Abby at Chuck E Cheese

Aubrie and Abby at Chick Fil A

Abby at Ashlyn's birthday

Abby and friends at the birthday party

Abby and friends at Ashlyn's birthday party

Abby pooped with Daddy at Juanita's 50th birthday bash!

Grammy and Grandpa at Juanita's 50th birthday bash!
Abby getting ready to leave for Matthew's 4th birthday party!

This past week was soo busy! Abby has had soo fun birthdays that she has attended and playdates galore! Here are a few pics of this past week.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Donuts with Grandpa

Stephen was traveling this week and was going to have to miss Doughnuts with Dad at her preschool.. I was so upset so I thought I would call Grandpa... He said absolutely! Here is Abby and Grandpa this past Tuesday at Doughnuts with Dad! Abby was soooo happy Grandpa came to school with her!


Last week was my 33rd birthday! I can't believe I am 33!!! On Friday morning, the 17th Abby and I went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate my birthday with my friend Stacey and her daughter Ashlyn.. Abby thought it was so funny that I got a birthday sticker and tokens! :) Of course I gave them to her.. That night, Stephen and Abby took me to HB, our favorite Japanese Restaurant.. It was quite yummy! Then, they surprised me with a new watch! I needed one so bad! On Saturday, Grammy kept Abby for the night.. Stephen and I stayed in, rented movies and ordered take out and did nothing. It was wonderful. On Sunday, we headed over to pick up Abby. She was so excited to see me bc she had helped make me a birthday cake. It was the best birthday cake I have ever had because she made it! She was so happy... so it was a great day! Whataburger and Chocolate cake!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

School Pictures!

Here is Abby's preschool picture! What a doll!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!

Abbey Grace and Abby

Amanda, Abbey Grace and Abby
Abbey Grace and Abby

I was very blessed to have had a wonderful next door neighbor when Stephen and I lived in our rental house. Bridgette, Nick, Abbey Grace, Josh, and Brady became like family to us! Although we have moved.. but only a few streets over, we still see each other ALL the time! This past weekend little Brady had his first birthday party. How fast this year has flown! Abby had a great time visiting with her friends.. especially Abbey Grace!!! I will post the pics of Little Brady when I get them.. he is a cutie!

Friday, October 10, 2008

First Haircut

Abby and Mrs. Sandra

Checking out the hairdryer

I'm getting verrry sleepy.

Trimming the sides

Sitting still

Before pic..

For some reason, my sweet Abigail does not have much hair. People ask me all the time if I cut it that short. NO!! Poor thing wants LONG hair sooo bad. I told her it would be long very soon. It was growing kind of funky so I took her in while I was home in Mississippi. Sandra, the lady that used to cut my hair when I was little, just happened to have some time Sunday morning for us to drop in before our flight back to Houston.. So we loaded everyone up in the car to take the 5 minute drive to the hair salon. My Mom was able to come with us for her daily walk since it was so close to the house. I am so excited she was there with us for this. Since she lives so far, she misses alot of Abby's firsts. Abby was sooo excited. She sat very still the entire time. Now her hair has a little shape to it. hehehee... Maybe by the time she starts kindergarten she will have long hair. She wants to wear a ponytail like Mommy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a weekend!

Abby and Papaw

Abby waiting for Londen and checking out the flowers

Peekaboo... Abby met a little friend and rode a ride with her

Weeeeeeee.. Abby and Londen
Abby and Granpa Mike

Abby and I flew to Mississippi this past Thursday. My Mom called earlier in the week to let me know she was going to be admitted to the hospital for surgery. My Mom had two arteries that were 99% blocked to her heart. She had surgery Thursday morning and received a stint and balloon in each. Abby and I arrived late Thursday with my Dad patiently waiting for us at the airport. My Mom usually comes with him and I could tell he was a little nervous. I was very anxious to get to the hospital on Friday.. Abby was so excited to see Mamaw and Papaw and of course Parris and Londen. My Mom was able to go home that weekend. Thank goodness she is ok. While she rested, we took Abby to the fair. Thanks to my Dad, I was able to go. My doctor told me I could not over do it on the trip, so my Dad rented me a Scooter for the fair! It was nice and I sat the entire time I was at the fair. Thank you Londen for riding all of the rides with Abby! She had a blast!!! I sure wish we could have stayed longer! I am now not allowed to travel until after the baby is born. So the holidays will take place at our home this year. Sunday night Abby and I headed back to Texas and Stephen and his Dad met us at the airport. Abby enjoyed getting to see Grandpa Mike for a few days! I am exhausted and will take some time to rest the next few days!!! Oh.... and Monday we had an ultrasound and Baby Wyatt is getting big! He is getting close to 2 pounds! WOW! Dr. Friedman says there are no signs of pre term labor and I may end up going all the way this time!