Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Abby and Jackson!

Abby and I went to Katy Mills Mall with my friend Amber and her son Jackson! Abby and Jackson seem to really like each other! They held hands as we walked through the mall! We had a great time Amber! lets do it again!!!!


Grandma Laura made Abby this Dorothy dress! Abby is obsessed with THE WIZARD OF OZ! The other day, she wanted to wear it to Pump it Up to show all of her friends! She even wants to sleep in it!

The House that Grandpa Built!

Grandpa built Abby the coolest play house! Thank you so much! Grammy thank you for painting and decorating it! This playhouse has electricity, ceiling fan, loft and a skylight.. thanks to Daddy! We can't wait to come spend the night again!!!

A day out with Mommy

I don't go into downtown Houston unless it is to eat lunch with Grammy or a doctor's appointment or something.. This city is soooo big, I just end up getting lost every time I go.. Well, last Friday, I had to go into town.. With Abby in tow, I decided we would make a day out of it. Because our favorite little place, The Castle, was closed for repairs, we drove into Sugarland. We visited the Children's Museum and had a nice time. Afterwards, we went across the street and had lunch and dessert at this cute CAFE"! The cookies were a hit. Abby was presented a plate with 3 cookies and they let her decorate them. Then off to Sweet and Sassy for a manicure and pedicure. This was Abby's first visit to the little spa so she thought it was GREAT! She sat patiently while they painted her toes and fingers! After a full day, she fell asleep as soon as we got in the car! What a day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Where a kid can be a kid!

We had such a wonderful father's day weekend! Wish I had pics, but until just a few hours ago, I found the missing camera card! I did happend to scan a pic of Miss Abby and me while we made an afternoon trip to Chuck E Cheese... Chuck E Cheese is located about 6 minutes from our house.. So, we go quite often.. Because it is SOOOO hot right now, we decided to do something indoors and Chuck E Cheese was the first place she mentioned! After 2 hours of playing games, eating pizza, and trading tickets for prizes, I managed to get her to sit still to take a pic!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Abby will just die one day when she reads this.. This is what she said last night. She wanted to take a bath with me soo....

"Mommy, you have such big boobies.. My Ariel has big boobies too. I have little ones. I sure would like ones that look like yours.. Where do my get them?"

Visit to Mississippi

Abby and I made the annual trip to MS for our Jones Family Reunion. We got there on Thursday, the 5th and attended Parris and Londen's fast pitch softball game at Northwest Rankin. I can't believe they are both on the same team.. Parris will be in 7th grade and made the high school team. Abby had a blast hanging out with her older cousins and their friends. The reunion started Friday night at my aunt's house in Brandon. Then, Saturday morning, everyone came to my mom's house for lots of food, swimming, jumping in the bounce houses and creeping through the 50 foot inflatable maze. We went fishing, swam some more, ate more, etc.. It was great to all of my aunts, uncles,and cousins from all over. There were relatives from Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, Florida, etc.. We had a great time. After sleeping in really late on Sunday, Abby and I spent the rest of the day swimming. She is getting so brave and ready for her swim lessons (she starts June 23rd.) She was jumping off the diving board in her floaties! Monday was pretty relaxing.. we stayed around the house and played with Trigger the dog, Londen and Parris. Then we were off to the airport Tuesday morning. Abby loves flying and is now a frequent flyer on Southwest! I would show you some pics but I forgot my camera card still in Stephen's office back in Texas. So, I don't have any pics! But we had a wonderful time! Thank you Mamaw and Papaw! We had a great time! We are looking forward to seeing everyone in July in Panama City! We can't wait!!!