Monday, September 29, 2008

Wyatt's Room

A girl is coming over soon to paint Wyatt's room. Stephen is actually painting the walls for me this weekend, but someone else is coming to draw the airplanes on the walls. I can't wait to see it.. Here is what it will look like.

Just Because

The other day Abby and I decided to bake a cake. For some reason, this time being pregnant I am craving chocolate quite a bit.. so a cake sounded great! Abby is very helpful and loves to put all the ingredients in and then use the hand mixer.. she is getting quite good at it. Her favorite part... licking the bowl... It was a yummy cake and gone a couple of days later.. I wonder who ate most of it.. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting back to normal!

WOW! The past two weeks have been crazy! First, we started remodeling our new home, moved in, and then 2 days later, a hurricane!!! Luckily, we did not have any damage to our home.. but we have been without cable and internet for 2 weeks! THANK YOU COMCAST for coming this morning! We are getting settled and Abby loves her new room. We moved her into a full size bed and she stays in there quite a lot! I am doing good.. I have almost reach 23 weeks and started my "fun" weekly progesterone shots. Dr. Friedman is keeping a close eye on me this time around. We are also working on baby Wyatt's room.. I think that is his name. We both like it and agree on it but Stephen has a hard time calling him Wyatt until he sees him so he just says "the baby"! hehehe! Anyway his full name will probably be Charles Wyatt Taylor and we will call him Wyatt. Charles is my Dad's name and we are honoring him because this will be his only grandson. He is going to have a vintage airplane theme room in honor of Stephen's grandpa who was an airplane pilot. As soon as I get some pics downloaded, I will post those too...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a BIG GIRL!!

We were so lucky to find Grace Preschool last year. She started in their toddler program and is now in the 2's class with Mrs. Mikie and Mrs. Teri. They are so sweet and I know she is going to have a great day. She has 7 girls in the class and 3 boys. Me, on the other hand, was so sad.. It broke my heart dropping her off. I can't believe she is almost 3! Abby's biggest fear today was having an accident since she is now potty trained. She wanted to make sure a potty was near by and who she was supposed to tell.. It was so cute! She had her backpack on ready for her day!