Friday, March 20, 2009

3 Months!

This Sunday Wyatt will be 3 months old! Time is flying by!! I can't believe it! Here are a few pics of him!

Mom's visit, Abby's first trip to MS without me and Wyatt's first plane ride!

Wyatt in his Cowboy outfit Wyatt's First plane ride

Mamaw and Wyatt

What a Spring Break! My Mom came to visit and we had so much fun as usual! We took our trip to Rainforest Cafe like we always do and went to Chuck e Cheese too! Abby decided she would like to go back home with Mamaw WITHOUT ME! We let her go and she had soo much fun! Wyatt and I hopped on a plane 4 days later to go and pick her up! My parents, nieces and Aunt Joyce enjoyed visitint with Wyatt and Abby! We can't wait to get back this summer and stay a while!

YEE HAW! Rodeo Houston

I grew up in MS where we attended the Rodeo every year! In Houston, an entire Month is dedicated to the Rodeo.. Each school has Rodeo Day and Abby looked soo cute dressed up for Rodeo Day! She insisted on taking her pink horse to show Ms. Mikie and Mrs. Teri!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wyatt ~ 10 weeks old and Sweet Abigail

Yes.. This looks like my Dad! Little Charles Wyatt! FUTURE FOOTBALL PLAYER

My little man Wyatt is getting so big! He is already 10 weeks old! He went for his 2 month check up on Tuesday and he is weighing in at a whopping 13 pounds 7 ounces! He loves to eat! This is huge compared to Abby weighing only almost 9 pounds at 10 weeks! She was very tiny! His check up went great and the doctor put him on cereal with a little bit of fruit. It seems to fill him up and he has been sleeping 7 hours at night before waking up!!! WOOHOO! Abby loved getting to feed him.. She thought that was "so cool"!! We are loving life! God has truly blessed us with two beautiful kids!